Canadian Skaters Duhamel, Radford Help Indie Singer’s Song Climb The ITunes Charts

The song recently popped up on the iTunes chart, reaching the top 40 at one point.

“And it’s been Shazamed . . . 19,572 times,” she said, with a quick check of her phone. “Isn’t that insane? I have other songs that have three Shazams. All of that is because they chose to use it.”

Meservy’s trip from her home in Provo, Utah, to Pyeongchang will be the second time she’s seen the Canadians skate to her song live, thanks to an anonymous donor. Someone generously flew her and a friend to Vancouver and put them up in a hotel for the Canadian championships last month.

“It was so amazing,” said Meservy, who performed in Salt Lake City’s Olympic Square during the 2002 Winter Olympics. “They’re so exceptional as people as well as skaters, and watching them skate to that, it brought up a lot of different emotions between feelings of hope, excitement, gratitude, a mixture of bringing me back to a feeling of the grief.

“But it felt swallowed up in this beautiful joyful artistic gift they had put out. In that way it felt like watching something that had been so painful for me become so life-giving and beautiful. I can’t even believe it.”

Meservy had planned to come to South Korea regardless, but the anonymous donor stepped up once again to pay for flights and tickets to Wednesday’s short program, and no amount of digging would reveal their identity.

“I still have no idea who he or she or they are,” said the grateful singer.

She’s developed a love for figure skating along the way.

“I have never learned so much about figure skating in my life . . . like OK, that’s what a triple Lutz is, that’s what a death spiral is. I’ve become a huge fan, I think I always will be at this point,” she said.

“And watching team Canada, I feel like I have two countries I love and root for now. I love U.S.A. and I love Canada. I have to say though for this, I’m definitely on team Canada.”

A couple of weeks ago, Meservy released a new EP The Good-Morrow, that she calls her “second chapter,” and includes a cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You.”

And a love song “because I’m now in a relationship again and I’m feeling my heart open again in a way that it hasn’t in quite some time.”

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Canadian skaters Duhamel, Radford help indie singer’s song climb the iTunes charts
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